23 April 2007

Where life takes you...

Truth - I really am a cowgirl.

I grew up on a ranch in California. My life for over 20 years consisted of ranchers, cowboys, cows, cowdogs, foothills and mountains. From the time I was born, I figured that was were I would be forever. When you're born into tradition, you tend to stay in tradition. Why would I have dreamt that I would do anything else?

Mind you, while we lived on a ranch, we weren't isolated from the rest of the world. Our area was reasonably close to major cities, so I wasn't that much of a country mouse when it came to understanding what lay beyond the ranch gate. Like most girls during the time, I had crushes on all the right heartthrobs (with the exception of Roy Rogers...he wasn't too popular with my friends, but hey, they didn't know any better!), listened to all the right music (mostly), and wore all the right clothes....okay, maybe not the right clothes, but I wasn't that bad. I fit in with my contemporaries, and yet I didn't. There has always been a part of me that remains a cowgirl through and through.

As life progressed, I followed paths that made sense. I worked in marketing for the beef industry. I was an outspoken proponent of all things ranching. I had a mission and I was on a roll. Then I met my future husband...and life turned upside down. Within a few years, I was married and headed on a path that would take me all over the world...and far away from the life that I grew up with.

Today we live across the pond in England. A million miles away from things and a life familiar to me. For a country girl, even when you adapt to a new area, there are days that make you gasp for air. So I have decided the best therapy to maintain my sanity is to put my thoughts down in writing. I'll grab my cup of coffee and share my views on the path that I am following.

Truth - I still wear cowboy boots.

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