28 April 2007

A good day for a cat...

I was never a sun worshiper...until I moved to England. Growing up in Northern California, we had our fair share of sun all year. When summer hit, I was not one of the masses that would stake a place in the sun and bake for hours. My sunbathing lasted only minutes (luckily I tan easy). I preferred sun from a shady point of view.

However, after three winters in England, I have changed my mind. It's no wonder that come winter, the Brits all make plans for holidays in Florida and the Canary Islands. They're not worried with the beauty of it all, they just want sun. And frankly, I don't blame them. Grey day after grey day leaves you begging for a break in the clouds, and when it comes you run outside like a madman so that you don't miss it.

Today was one of those days. We've been having beautiful weather for a couple of weeks now (with only a few minor exceptions), but for some reason today just seemed better. There was a haze, but the sun was warm. Before I set out to actually work in the garden, I relaxed in one of our patio chairs, stretching my legs out to try and remove some of their winter white. Our little boy played in his sandbox and I just sat soaking up the light. I had to laugh - where did this woman come from? Can a change of location really affect a person that much? I guess so...when you deny them their sunlight.

I have to think, if I were a cat, I would've probably curled up and stayed there the rest of the day...

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